Wildflowers, God’s unique tapestry

AUUN6838I am writing this blog while under a tornado watch in north Louisiana. The rain on our tin roof softens the ominous threat as the lightning flashes across the sky, making the tall trees appear as skeletons. The rain is bathing the ground carpeted with an abundant tapestry of wildflowers.IMG_0275IMG_0123

My parents have lived in the same house for almost 40 years. I have visited every spring and have never seen this lavish display of wildflowers. It’s as if God decided to sprinkle thousands of seeds just so we could enjoy His wondrous artwork with vibrant colors and extreme details in each blossom. Why this year? I have no idea, but I’m thoroughly impressed and blessed. Neither my words nor my pictures could ever express the majestic cry of God’s handiwork in nature.

Do you have a favorite spot to view wildflowers, butterflies, and God’s nature?


Thank you, Lord, for this extra dose of spring beauty in my own yard.IMG_0169


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