Butterflies and Zinnias

My year is full of butterflies and zinnias (and sunflowers and bumble bees)! I know each year when August rolls around that beauty will continue to burst forth as the intricately-patterned, winged masterpieces flit from a myriad of colored heads, gaining nectar and nourishment. They are holding on to summer, prolonging the hot, muggy days and enjoying the pollen after the afternoon showers.

And I watch while venturing into the heat that I wish away, not realizing I’m sending them away with my selfish thoughts. My dog and cats sleep in the shade or inside in the cool air desiring the fall breeze too.

I know summer is ending when school starts. My online roster zooms to 250 students “eager” to learn Spanish and French. As my garden wilts—the vegetables and lilies gone for the season—my “lazy” days change to full agendas. Am I ready? Part of me wants the butterflies and zinnias to stay—to prolong the season.

Yet, God ordained the changes for a purpose. As the fall lurks close by, I can almost smell the cool breeze—Almost! I make my fall plans including what to write, read, and edit. I add weekend adventures, always pleasant in the crisp weather. Ideas for Christmas gifts and activities creep into my day planner.

Good-bye summer. Oh…not yet.

My butterflies and zinnias tell a different story as they have a tenacious hold on the season for another month. I’ll take my cues from them and enjoy the slow days of the season.

What season do you enjoy most?


IMG_2127Even the mountains praise Him…The rocks cry out…The lilies are clothed in splendor. And then there are butterflies. What a colorful array of floating beauty—majestic in design and flight.

My favorite word in Spanish is mariposa. It means butterfly. It is so pretty in the language that Mariposa is a name for a girl. Rolling the “r” makes it more beautiful to the ears. The French has an awesome word too—papillon.

Butterflies conjure up images of beauty. This year I planted zinnias and milkweed to entice these busy beauties to flutter around my yard. I haven’t yet learned the names of the different kinds, yet I’m in awe of the individual patterns and colors. I’m mesmerized by the total experience as the God’s creation seeks out the colorful flowers containing the nectar of life.

Enjoy the designs and beauty…I sure do.