“H” Happies

IMG_6192My library is still an amazing place. At times, I just run my fingers along the covers, remembering the happy times with the books and authors. This week I’m sharing my “H” shelf with you. Please compare and tell me your favorite “H” authors.

Kristin Hannah presents the great challenge of relationships during a very difficult time in WWII in The Nightingale. I always learn so much from her novels.  Rachel Hauck earns a place on the shelf with How to Catch a Prince. Who doesn’t like a royal story?

Christmas on Breakers Point by Chautona Havig introduces a fun, entertaining multi-author series. I always learn new vocabulary and facts in Havig’s work. Jody Hedlund’s Newton and Polly is an inspiring novel of amazing grace. The novels I’m reading now by Hedlund are about princesses.

Anyone for mystery and suspense? Kristen Heitzmann never fails to add a bit of intrigue and The Still of Night is no exception. Robin Helm weaves a lovely tale of Elizabeth and Darcy in More to Love. I devour any of her Austen retellings.

Ah, then there is Ernest Hemingway’s The Complete Short Stories. My MA is in English, so he definitely has a place in my library. Liz Curtis Higgs’ Whence Came a Prince takes an Old Testament beloved story and sets a rendition of it in 1790 Scotland. I’ve read all her books!

A long time ago, I was introduced to Christian fiction with books like Three From Galilee by Marjorie Holmes. To me, she was a pioneer in this genre. Another author, Angela Elwell Hunt, takes Old Testament characters on an extended journey with her imagination in Brothers. The Biblical characters come to life.

IMG_6206I’ve followed Kristi Ann Hunter since her debut. The Haven Manor Book 1, A Defense of Honor, is a tribute to her ability to offer hope to the hopeless.

Please tell me if you have additional “H” authors or if one of your favorites is here. 

My Library Shelf

IMG_3886One question I will never forget from the very first writer’s seminar I attended is “Where would your published book be on a bookstore shelf?” The assignment was to picture my future book among other cherished authors. I remember following through with actually checking at a few stores. While my books are not in any large national bookstore (yet), they do sit on my own library shelves nestled with some of my favorites.

During the Christmas break, I put up some bookcases to house my personal library. Since then, I have filled the shelves with my favorites in alphabetical order. Now, I can see my novels on the shelves–those shelves that matter the most to me. And, the awesome thing is my love of the books surrounding mine. Some of the authors are now friends and others are super famous.

IMG_3887Today, I’ll share what my novels look like on my shelves and who the fabulous authors are who serve as book ends.

Lynne Gentry, Healer of Carthage, Jessica George, Princess of Glass, Cathy Gohlke, The Medallion, and Winston Graham, Poldark are on the left side. Then, me! My novels have such great company.

The right side consists of Philippa Gregory, The Lady of the Rivers, Nigel Green, The King’s Dogge,  F.E. Greene, The Never List, Michelle Griep, Ladies of Intrigue, John Grisham, A Time to Kill, and Janet Grunst, A Heart for Freedom.

The wonderful thing is that list only consists of a few of the “Gs.” Imagine A-Z. I’ll share more of my fabulous authors in future blogs.

If you wrote a book, who would be the authors surrounding your book on your bookshelves? Please share.