Unlike any other

IMG_6988This August will prove unlike any other, well, perhaps in my entire life. You see, I have always been a student or a teacher. August is a pivotal month for anyone involved in education. I know it is a strange phenomenon for many during this uncertain time. For teachers and students, it is even more so. How are parents of elementary students surviving? I can only live that one through my younger friends.

IMG_6991My predicament: I resigned from teaching full time! I made that decision on February 6, effective May 22, 2020. You know what happened during that time. I am no longer in the classroom. My curiosity of how everything will work touches a part of my mental psyche that wants to be a part of the system finding a solution.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with my decision. It makes this August very different. While teachers, parents, and students prepare for school, I don’t. While the same groups face the unknown classrooms, I don’t. While others begin to schedule their morning routines, I don’t. I forfeited those items of planning.

IMG_6990What I thought my August would look like isn’t coming to fruition. My husband and I were supposed to spend our anniversary in Peru on a bucket list adventure. Not happening! I was expecting a part time local job. Not hiring.

But God has other designs for my time. My husband and I are flipping a house, so I am now a painter. And we are trying our hands with an Airbnb type of situation. Not quite the calm online teaching or library work I envisioned. Yet, I am enjoying the new challenges.

Out with the August of before and in with the new (improved?) August of the present. I’m not going to speak for any Augusts of the future.

IMG_6924What does your August look like?