Happy New Year 2022

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Wow! It’s here! 2022! My calendar is filling up quickly. So many exciting things keep me busy and productive. Through it all I need to remember to slow down, enjoy a good book, and spend time with friends and family. I want to make some good memories this year.

Some of my plans include:

  • A new library is opening in my hometown. I’ll spend a few hours a week as a librarian!
  • The release of Labor of Love (Book One in the new Gardens in Time series) is February 15!!! Yay!
  • I’m traveling to Peru with my husband (if allowed!!??!!)
  • Three weeks in Scotland and England with two author friends will be a true highlight.
  • I plan to write one novella and two novels in 2022.
  • Of course, I’ll be reading. My goal is 150 books—check my progress on Goodreads.

I don’t always meet my goals. Plans change. Things happen. C’est la vie. But I do have good intentions.

What goals do you have? Please share.


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