Take Me to the Zoo

Confession: I LOVE the zoo. Pretty much any zoo. It doesn’t have to be the Audubon Zoo or the San Diego Zoo. When I was a child the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo opened in Monroe, Louisiana. What a joy and a source of instant entertainment. I spent one day this week there and was flooded with memories.

Through the years I’ve seen some impressive animals at some awesome zoos—London Zoo, Memphis Zoo, Chicago Zoo, and Central Park Zoo. I always love the smaller ones. A recent one is the zoo in Lafayette, Louisiana.

During the pandemic, I’ve noticed the zoos have been able to spend time and resources on the grounds as they cared for the animals. I support their efforts and continued desire to make the habitats conducive to a productive lifestyle for the animals. My heart and sentiments realize the wild is where they should be. But the reality is for some reason they reside in the zoos where many of them have been born and raised.

Bravo for the zoos that strive to recreate a natural environment for our animal friends.

What is your favorite animal (wild)? I love the llama and the sloth.

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