One Ornament at a Time

For some reason, I am not rushing with decorating this year. I’m really enjoying the unpacking and placing of each item, letting the memories work a peaceful web around me. The boxes with ornaments are around the tree, waiting for my perusal.

The tree is up, and the white lights soothe me into the Christmas realm with rays of calmness and hope. Yes, hope that even with the changes of 2020, the celebration still is centered on the birth of Jesus. More than ever, He is the center of our home.

So, the ornaments dress the tree one at a time as I collect the memories.




…old ones


…funny ones

…sparkly and glittery



…baby booties

Yes, 50 plus years of memories pour out of the boxes each year. In 2020, I’m giving them extra attention, time to absorb what they represent. Perhaps, you will do the same with your special decorations. There’s something to be gained from not being as busy this year.

Merry Christmas…

3 thoughts on “One Ornament at a Time

  1. Anne Rightler

    I enjoy my ornaments too. Pretty much every one has a special meaning, a gift, a remembrance of a trip or event, gifts from or made by the kids or grandkids. I love when we take them out of the box and put them on the tree. Merry Christmas


  2. Debra J Pruss

    Merry Christmas. I am not sure if we are putting up a tree this year. We had a Charlie Brown tree in the kitchen, but we sent it to the rehab center for Mom’s room. (She was finally moved from the hospital after a week). We wanted to have some cheer for her there. The tree had been given to her by one of my Uncles on his last trip to town before he had his stroke. I hope you have a marvelous Christmas. You have beautiful ornaments.


  3. Katie Gray

    This year has its difficulties, but one nice thing is the slow down. We have the ability to stop an enjoy moments. Things like wrapping a special gift, decorating more slowly, because there are no parties or events to rush off to. I also unpack all my decorations and ornaments slowly.


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