Birthday MONTH!

IMG_6346In my family, JULY has always been a month to celebrate. We start with July 4th celebrating our nation and freedoms. Then it moves steadily into a stream of celebrations. As a child, I loved it. Not only do I have a birthday in July, but it is/was/shall be cake month at our family gatherings.

IMG_6187 (1)My father has to share his birthday on July 14 with Bastille Day–the national patriotic day of France. My greeting to him for many years has been “Happy Bastille Day. Oh, and your birthday!” My sister’s birthday follows three days later and mine a week after that. My mother made homemade cakes for each birthday! What a fun month.

Now, July tends to be our family vacation time where all twenty of us try to get together. My parents’ anniversary and my sister’s anniversary fall in July. This year we are adding my niece’s wedding in two days!

IMG_6347Do you have a month that is happily congested with celebrations? Thank you for sharing this month with me. Blessings.



3 thoughts on “Birthday MONTH!

  1. Lori Smanski

    Happy Birthday. Make it super special.

    Our family seems to be in June. A lot of birthdays and anniversaries.

    Every weekend is multiple birthdays celebrated.


  2. Happy Birthday to you.
    My Birthday month is December. My birthday is a week before Christmas so yeah it’s a busy month. So between getting ready for my Birthday and Christmas it’s a busy month.
    However, June is the busiest Birthday month at our house. So December and June are the busiest Birthday months in our Family.


  3. Katie Gray

    July is a very busy and exciting month for the family! What fun times! In my in-laws family the celebration month is also July with 5 or 6 birthdays as well! It is especially helpful that this month falls int he summer when there seems to be more time to celebrate and vacation together. Happy birthday!


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