Summer Escapades

IMG_2057I’ve recently returned from my first summer getaway with my family. Destination–Chatham, Virginia. I started in Louisiana with my parents, meeting two sisters in Mississippi. The journey took us two days through Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Our favorite stops were Nanahala Outdoor Center (NOC) and Black Mountain. Shopping and eating along the way are always a JOY. But for this vacation, my baby sister and her family at the end were the real high point, the whole purpose of the trek. Spending four days in charming Chatham with family cultivated many more Martin memories.

My next venture is a road trip this week with my husband on a business trip to The Woodlands in Texas (Houston area). I plan to catch up on sleep, reading, editing, and pool-side laziness. A few good meals and new friends combined with husband time will be nice.

My big summer exploit will be a 20-day road trip in France with my daughter. We’ve rented a car, mapped out our destinations, practiced our French, saved our money, and prepared for some awesome adventures as we wind through France, touching Andorra, Monaco, Italy, and Switzerland. I’ll share more of that journey as it progresses.

Do you have any summer escapades planned? Please share! 

One thought on “Summer Escapades

  1. Katie Gray

    Your trips sound fantastic! I loved all those summer road trips with you as a child. Being a teacher is fantastic, for the long summer break to catch up on all the things you love to do. Maybe that’s why I followed you down that career path! I will go to a college friend’s wedding in San Diego next week and then the big France trip with you in July! Im very excited!!! I have spent June at home preparing for these big trips.


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