TBR and current reads

As you know, I love to read almost anything–historical, contemporary, mystery, suspense, romance.  And I do love to read new authors. Actually, all three of the books I am reading now are by new to me authors: Healer of Carthage by Lynne GentryCallum’s Compass by Sara Foust, and Heart of Stone by Jill Marie Landis. All are historical fiction, my favorite genre.


On my shelves I have about 50 To Be Read books. I’ll share my next six novels with you to give you some ideas. All of them come highly recommended. I even have three contemporary selections from authors I love. Take a look: The Patriot and the Loyalist by Angela Couch,  A Dangerous Engagement by Melanie Dickerson, The Redeeming by Tamara Leigh, Returning Home by Toni Shiloh, To Be Where You Are, by Jan Karon, and What God Brings Together by Melissa Wardwell. So excited about each one!


And then there is what I am currently writing: Draw Me to Your Side Book Four in the Revolutionary Faith Series.  I have lots of plans and more books to publish, so stay close and connected.

Have a great weekend. Leave comments about what are you reading?

8 thoughts on “TBR and current reads

  1. Natalya Lakhno

    Hi Marguerite,
    You have a big list LOL Mine is probably even bigger…
    Currently, I’m reading The Valentines Verse by JoAnn Durgin.
    Have a great weekend too! Blessings!!!


  2. lelandandbecky

    It’s always fun to peek at someone else’s TBR list, and recognize books that you either have read or have them on your list also. My read now is The Lacemaker by Laura Frantz.


  3. Elly Cox

    GREAT list! (Historical fiction is my favorite, too!) I’ve got The Carthage Chronicles on my bookshelf, just waiting to be read. And I just finished reading A Dangerous Engagement last week! (It was so good!) And (you’re not gonna believe this) I’ve literally got the whole Age of Faith Series sitting out on my “next-up” shelf, getting ready to read them as soon as I finish The Noble Servant (also by Melanie Dickerson), which I’m currently reading. In fact, my dad just came in the door and handed me the package (which just arrived in the mail) with book 7, The Awakening, in it! I’m SO excited to get reading this series! (I’d read the first 5 books a few years ago, before 6 and 7 came out.) You’re gonna LOVE them!
    I’m thinking we must have similar taste in (historical) books!😉 (I’m not really big on contemporary at all.)


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